Started in 2014, WELL-RECEIVED is a modern communication with traditional values. With the intent to revive the sentimentality of slower communication, WELL-RECEIVED launched a modern stationery line incorporating minimalism, texture, architecture, and thoughtfulness.


Plantui has been working hard to make growing extremely easy and convenient. Now everyone can experience the joy and wonder of seeing things grow. The Plantui™ Smart Garden is a plot of land within a city and the easiest way to grow plants. And not just any plants, but a wide range of delicious and healthy herbs, edible flowers and salad greens to put on your table.


Pen UNO by ensso is a sleek and super minimal all-aluminum pen available in different colors like space grey, gold, rose gold, red and black.  It uses the Hi-Tec C Coleto gel ink cartridge which is widely available in a variety of colors and lineweights.

With only 5.3 mm in diameter, Pen UNO is one of the thinnest pens in production. The grip section is wider for a very comfortable writing experience and also doubles as a twisting cap to protect the pen tip when not in use. A few turns of the barrel will open or close the pen.



Thrasher is a monthly skating magazine was founded in January 1981 by Kevin Thatcher, Eric Swensin, and Fausto Vitello. It published by High Speed Productions, Inc. of San Francisco, USA. The publication consists primarily of skateboard- and music-related articles, photography, interviews and skatepark. The magazine also maintains a website, which includes an online store, selling various tees, sweatshirts, and merchandises. Check back at WOAW for clothing pieces from Thrasher in October.