More Than an Eye Candy: Art Central 2018

Being one of the biggest art fairs in the city, Art Central comes back in full swing for its fourth edition. Attendees weren’t seen donning a suit and tie and clinking glasses of champagne, but instead took to the side of green faux lawn while feasting on sizzling hot street food. Despite having burgers on the side, it doesn’t mean the fair itself is not as meaty as you imagine. 

Whether it is contemporary or modern art, masterpieces feature in the show were dynamic and came with an edge. There was even a session dedicated to programme of subversive and socially conscious performances and the artists there were not apologetic over the issues they would like to address. 

To name a few, Chinese artist Liu Bolin constructed 24 mannequin using circuits, cameras and CCTV in his installation, “When you see me I see you”, in an attempt to question the pervasiveness of electronics in the modern society. Meanwhile, local artists Sampson Wong and Lam Chi Fai shed light on the thorny housing issue in Hong Kong by recreating a living space that simulates the city’s ‘shoebox’ flats. 

Apart from speaking up, some artists made a bold move. Andre Wolf and Karolina Ziulkoski incorporated augmented reality (AR) technology into their work. The result is beyond your imagination. The concoction of art and tech not only elevated their work to the next level, but it has also brought the old newsreel a new lease of life. 

Though one might usually associate art as something aesthetically pleasing, but beneath the surface there are stories, messages artists are eager to tell. Art Central creates a platform for the public to witness the potential in arts. If you didn’t make it this year, you are welcome to check out our gallery to revisit those astonishing works of art.

Check out more photos from Art Central 2018 below.

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