Meow! Eat like a cat: 'ANIMAL BOWLS' by Jean Jullien x Case Studyo

Spirit animal are often chosen by a sense of connection or based solely on your character, but in Jean Jullien’s book, it is down to the way you eat. Whether you attack your food like a dog, gulp it down swiftly as soon as it arrives, or like a cat, carefully inspect it, sniff it before you chew, the latest creation from the French artist has the perfect solution to showcase your inner spirit animal.

Followed by his previous successful collaboration with case Studyo, Jullien has came up with yet another mischievous homeware collection - this time swapping plates with bowls and animals instead of facials expression - this collection is the epitome of cheeky humour. Be it a grumpy cat, a timid dog, a troubled fish or a sleepy frog, each of the four hand-cased porcelain bowls in the collection has been carefully adorned with Jullien’s signature brushstrokes. The pastel-coloured collection, brimming with personality, is sure to make your space come alive.

Graduated from the renowned Central Saint Martin and Royal College of Art, the 34-year-old illustrator rose to prominence after his responding work on the Paris terrorist attack happened back in 2015. Apart from weighty issues, Jullien has shown humour across his work, be it the culture of photo-taking before meals on “before instagram” or the “cappuccino generation” where latte art has been replaced with a skull, his works always manage to brighten up a miserable day.

They say you are what you eat, but we say you are how you eat. Indulge your inner spirit animal by licking, munching or even slurping in Jullien’s latest design. Our excuse? Nobody is watching…except your “friend” hiding beneath the bowl.

Check out the bowl set here now.