Meet Doris Ngie, the Founder of MYBU Candle

"Hey Doris, could you tell us a little about your background? "

I've been in the fashion and e-commerce industry for the past 8 years. Last year I launched MYBU candle.

"What's the meaning behind MYBU?"

MYBU stands for “My boo” which means my dear/ my love so it goes with the art of gifting. You know. Because I think candles are popular gift choices for people. MYBU stands for my boo.

"What's your inspiration behind MYBU?" 

I saw the market, there is a gap for all natural, non-toxic, chemical free candle made with essential oils, as a candle lover myself, I thought I wanted to provide the options for the candle lovers out there.

"How/where are your products made?"

We source the best ingredients from all around the world. Everything is natural from the earth and handmade in small batches in Hong Kong.

"What is the creation process like?" 

I do a lot of researches on different essential oil blends, for example, lemon is for concentration and focus, lavender is for a good sleep. I use a lot of those elements when I design my own blends.

"What is the hardest part in making the brand?"

The hardest part of making a brand is because it’s a one-man operation, a lot of times I don’t have anyone to bounce off ideas with as much as I used to. A lot of decisions are made on my own. I’m still getting used to it but I’m working on it.

"What is the most important aspect of your brand ethos?

Being an authentic natural brand is very important to my brand ethos. We oppose using synthetic chemical fragrances in our products. It’s all about being natural and pure.

"What can we expect to see from MYBU in 2017?

We’re going to be in Taiwan soon. We’re also going to be doing some fun collaborations with restaurants and brands and we’re launching our travel candle soon. This is really good when you want to feel like you were home while you’re travelling.

"Could you describe MYBU in three words?"

To describe MYBU in three words, I’ll choose “fresh, modern and honest.

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