Match Your Mood with These Damselfly Collective Scented Candles

When buying a gift for someone, you can never go wrong with a candle. They smell great, make houses feel homely and create a wonderful ambience for nights spent in. The only issue with gifting a regular candle is that it can often feel impersonal generic. If you want to turn a simple gift into something much more thought, or if you are in the search for something to spice up your apartment or if you’re stuck with the task of getting a gift for someone, try Australian lifestyle brand Damselfly Collective’s line of candles that come with witty quotes that speak to all of us.

Founded by Christianna Heideman, the candles, provided with two natural lead-free cotton wicks and 60 or 80 hours of burning time, feature layered fragrances to provide your with the most amazing triple-scented aroma. Made from soy-based wax, each hand-poured candle has playful phrases such as “Calm Your Tits,” “Do I Look Like I Give a F*ck,” and “Humble, with Just a Bit of Kanye” – made to light up any home. For those truly delving into the unknown of gift giving, sticking to the basics of giving candles will work in your favor. Also, you can’t go wrong with them.

Whether it is for a friend or an excuse to spoil yourself, take your senses on a journey with these candles available at the WOAW now.