For fans of street art and the culture surrounding it, this bear-shaped toy should already be on your radar. The toy in question is the BE@RBRICK, a collectible figurine made by Japan’s MediCom Toy. It might be peculiar to some, but the little anthropomorphized bear, which counts Pharrell and Grace Coddington among its fans, has become a canvas for modern expression.

Since its creation, BE@RBRICK has enjoyed an avant-garde status resulting from various collaborations with renowned artists, fashion designers and major retailers, such as Colette and Chanel, making the BE@RBRICK one of the most recognizable and sought-after toys in the world.

New arrival at WOAW, the limited edition 1000% Karimoku Horizon BE@RBRICK, is born out of collaboration with Japan’s very own wood experts Karimoku Furniture. To a true enthusiast, you will know that much of the hype lies in the rarity of the BE@RBRICK. Hand-made by skillful artisans using the ancient Yosegi-zukuri (multiple-block) technique, the entire production process of crafting laminated wood layer by layer takes months to complete. Each piece is unique and inimitable.

You can pre-order your own piece here now.