Jean Jullien collection by The Skateroom & Case Studyo

"The Bowl" by Jean Jullien x The Skateroom (Printed Signature)

The Skateroom and Case Studyo brings us the latest collaborations by French graphic illustrator and designer Jean Jullien. The collaborations feature a set of 3 skate decks and ceramic bowls showcasing Jullien's classic minimalistic brush stroke print and simplistic manner. The collections immensely explore Jullien's influence to skate and DIY culture as a whole; and translating them over to the medium of household decorations and instruments. 

 "The Bowl" by Jean Jullien x The Skateroom (Printed Signature)

"The Bowl" is a set of 3 skate-decks made of 7 ply grade A Canadian Maple Wood illustrating Jullien's famous skateboarding scene and Jullien's printed signature is on the top-print. Each deck measures at approximately 80 x 20cm and come with screws and wall mounts for installation. The deck is available online and in-store now. 

 Ceramic bowls by Jean Jullien x Case Studyo

 The latest collection of 3 featuring Jullien's classic modest skate print and fish prints. In particular, the "Skate Bowl" plays with juxtaposition with the Skateroom's "The Bowl" re-enacting similar graphics and poking fun of a literal skate park.

"Skate Bowl" by Jean Jullien x Case Studyo

The "Fish bowls" are available in coral orange and ivory white; where the "Skate bowl" is featured in maya blue. The bowls are made of porcelain and measure 23 centimetres in diameter. All bowls are available online and in-store now.