Introducing Scandinavian Designer Home Furniture and Accessories Brand - Menu

Menu's philosophy is simple. They want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with super-talented designers, we make objects to be treasured now... and forever.

They work with some of the most exciting and driven creative individuals from the worlds of architecture and design to produce high quality design with a crisp Scandinavian look.

At Menu they are obsessed with clever solutions for modern living. They want to make beautiful objects for everyday use, whether that's an indispensable item of kitchen equipment, a clever floating shelf, or a beautiful vase that adds the finishing touch to your living space.

Wherever they can, they work locally with craftspeople around the world, preserving skills while creating the best modern design.

What is your view on design?

Denmark has fostered a string of strong design brands over the past decades. We’ve created a strong foundation, in part thanks to the renaissance of the modernist classic expressions that Danish brands have managed to tap into. The lasting success lies on a combination of clever branding along with designers getting an informed grasp of what Danish design should accentuate. The design tradition here is softer whereas other parts of the world have more forceful expressions in their objects. To me, Danish design is about stripping elements down to their core. 

In what way is Menu a typical Scandinavian brand?

 where other countries designs are more expressive, Danes tend to instead tone objects down. However, trends move faster now than ever before—other regions influence Danish design to a larger extent today than was the case earlier. The external expressions of Danish design may change but the underlying values will always be around.

At MENU, our approach to design is to create objects that last. We give our products a very simple aesthetic to make sure that whatever you take home today won’t find itself replaced next year. We want to make design matter for people. Your home is your universe and we encourage you to have strong opinions about what you bring into it. We want your home to be comfortable and endlessly inspiring; whether you choose one lamp or another should matter. We love minimal design that’s modern, understated, crafted and crisp. Think simplicity and humanized function, with clean lines and an emphasis on craftsmanship and practicality. We choose colours that are natural and that complement the materials that we use—materials that will weather trends and warm color palettes for longevity.

Do you have a favourite material? 

Sometimes the love for one fabric or material can grow on you for a certain period of your life or a state of mind you are in. But it changes from time to time. Being surrounded by designers, materials and fabric on a daily basis I’m constantly forced to stay up to date with the new and the old – and the old in a new way. That makes it quite difficult to have only one favourite.

Please describe the soul/core value of your design in a short sentence.

We focus on details and materials rather than big and expressive. Design matters when it is made from honest materials that never crave to be anything but what they are. Design matters when the product meets a real need for people. 

What’s your secret to keeping your creations fresh and timeless? 

For each collection and launch we work with super-talented designers. Each one has their own style and own essential ‘thing’. We continue to work with the ones who we have built a strong relationship to. The designers who understand the core of our brand and who also challenge us and dare to show us something new and innovative still within the MENU dna.
Where do you find inspiration? 

Mostly I’m inspired by people with a strong passion for what they do. It can be within architecture, design, materials or art. I travel allot, I read and browse art books and magazines and listen to TED talks. I’m surrounded by inspiring people on a daily basis so basically inspirations comes from everywhere. I can’t place it on one thing only. I’m very keen on experiencing new things – so the hard thing for me is that I need to select and narrow down new projects and designs to the essentials only.

What are your thoughts on hygge and does it figure into Menu's philosophy at all?

When you visit Menu Space, we can assure you that the hospitality and ‘hygge’ will be authentic and your surroundings charged with an energy and spirit that will make your visit memorable once you leave. Here, you’re not just a guest, but will become a part of our global family.

We had Architect Danielle Siggerud help design the café in MENU´s showroom Menu Space, and she brought something slightly feminine and ‘hygge’ to it, which we think compliments the concrete walls and somewhat harsher appeal.

It’s important for us to always stay true to that classic take on all that we do and make and at the same time inviting people in.

Check out the MENU products here.