MADSAKI Solo Exhibition "If I Had A Dream" At Perrotin Hong Kong

In his first solo show in Hong Kong, Japanese artist MADSAKI showpiece 3 of his iconic series: his Warhol series, Movie series, and Character series depicting popular cartoons. As a special homage to Hong Kong, MADSAKI has created  a series of paintings depicting scenes from Hong Kong cinema, including Wong Kar-wai classics such as In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express, comedy star Stephen Chow’s Kung Fu Hustle, and more.

MADSAKI biggest inspiration has always been contemporary artist, Andy Warhol. Both artist enjoy reproducing iconic or common images and giving each of them a slight individuality. MADSAKI’s reproductions share the fundamental composition, coloration, and size as Warhol’s work. However, the distinction comes from the differences between artists’  mediums -  silkscreen for Warhol and spray paint for MADSAKI.

MADSAKI admits it is “totally wrong” in the sense that he employs spray painting more as a “brush” than it would be in graffiti or street art. His spray techniques leaves room for contingency and happy accidents, resulting in splatters and drips which add textures, personality, and sometimes even emotional heft to his works.  This is evident in the pieces displayed – Kung Fu Hustle II where it is evident drips of paint and splatters feature on the piece.

Drop by the show from 17th July 2019 to 17th August 2019 at PERROTIN gallery.