Have a WOAW Christmas! WISH UPON ME (Sunset) by Yoskay Yamamoto

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WISH UPON ME by Yoskay Yamamoto

WISH UPON ME (Sunset) - Yoskay Yamamoto

Japanese American artist Yoskay Yamamoto grew up in the West Coast and has since fell in love with urban culture. Fusing two very different cultures into his work, Yamamoto takes elements from iconic pop characters and blends them with mythical Japanese elements. Creating a bridge between his own Japanese traditions and his West Coast upbringing.

Continuing his past "Wish Upon Me" series, Yamamoto is back with Wish Upon Me (Sunset). The art collectable is 7" tall and is colored with a beautiful violet berry gradient shade finished with a matte frosted glass effect resembling a gorgeous sunset. Yamamoto's star character has his/her eyes closed as if he/she was wishing upon the sunset.  The character's face, the translucent and gradient colors captivates a quiet brilliance once placed near a light source.

Wish Upon Me (Sunset) is a limited edition, counting 200 pieces globally. Close your eyes and make a wish this Christmas. Wish Upon Me (Sunset) is available online and in-store now!