Have a WOAW Christmas! ANDY WARHOL & KEITH HARING Stationary & Puzzles

The holidays are around the corner.  Short on a gift for your Secret Santa? We got you! We’ve went through everything and picked out the best gifts WOAW can offer for your friends, family or even yourself! 

Stay tuned to our picks for the holiday season! 


Keith Haring stationary set

Pop artist Keith Haring know for his subway graffitis with bold outlines of figures and eye-popping colors. The stationary collection features, note pads, sticky notes, crayons, puzzles and playing card sets. The collectable pieces features Haring's iconic Dancing Dogs, Dancing figures, Heart and Three eye smiles.

Besides the stationary and puzzle sets available. A set of small table-top collectables of Haring's work are also available in-store and online now!

Andy Warhol puzzle set

American artist Andy Warhol, known for his silkscreening art and popular pop imageries, the Campbell soup and Maryln Monroll. The puzzle set features the iconic Campbell soup in it's bold colorways. Both puzzles come in box and an actual tin can packaging. Another recognisable symbol of Warhol's work - the Banana, is famous for its sexually charged symbolic meaning which also comes in a box set.

All Warhol's puzzles set are available online and in-store now!