Have a WOAW Christmas! Omen Totem - Fade by Coarse

The holidays are around the corner.  Looking for something to decorate your home for the festive season? We got you! We’ve went through everything and picked out the best gifts WOAW can offer to your friends and family!

Stay tuned to our picks for the holiday season! 

Omen Totem - Fade by Coarse

LA based studio and gallery Coarse lead by Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk design and produce limited edition wood and resin sculptures known as coarse originals. Their sculptures often question the meaning of sexual identity, fear of time passing, and relationships.

Left: Old Sun     Right: Falling Star

Coarse latest work - Omen Totem - Fade, feature 2 distinct looking owls in 2 color schemes: Falling Star(Galaxy Black & Yellow) and and Old Sun (Cosmic Red & Yellow). 

Both Omens stand 14 inches tall. The Omens reflect a sense of peace, solemn quietness to the surrounding space. The Omens seem to be meditating and reflecting on the time passing and the things lost during the time.

The Omen Totem - Fade is limited to 234 pieces worldwide, available online soon and in-store now!