Fresh WOAW Toys for Spring: BE@RBRICK & MANDEM SAFE

Medicom Toy is one of biggest names in the toy industry, its fame can be attributed to one of the most sought after collections ever: Bearbrick. These bears come in three sizes (100%, 400%, 1000%) and have had countless collaborations with renowned artists and designers. The value of many previously released Bearbricks have appreciated significantly over the years, depending on the collaboration and its rarity.

This season, we are excited to announce that we will have the latest Bearbricks for sale both in store and online. Pictured above, Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons is one of the newest members of the Bearbrick family, available in both 400% and 1000% sizes. Bearbricks in 1000% are perfect decor for any home, and we will also have two more styles arriving in this size: Alien from the Alien movie trilogy and Cheer Bear from the Care Bears.

Along with the collaborations, we will have more Bearbricks in different sizes available in store and online. Be sure to check them out while stocks last!

Many of us are guilty of using old shoe boxes as junk drawers. While shoe boxes are stealthy and a good cover for valuable possessions, they are not secure. For that, you need a safe. Enter the Mandem Safe: a hand finished steel safe with a dual locking system that was specifically designed to fit a Nike shoe box.

To check whether your Nike shoe boxes can accommodate a Mandem Safe, look for these measurements written inside: 330 x 225 x 115. It comes in a discreet matte ‘Panther Black’ finish with a protective foam lined interior for fragile items. For even more peace of mind, there are also pre-drilled holes in the base of the Mandem Safe that lets you secure it directly onto the floor.

Get it here: