French Shoemaker VEJA Officially Arrives in Hong Kong

French Shoemaker VEJA Officially Arrives in Hong Kong -

Promoting the conservation of nature and organic goods



Brand background

Origin: France

Founders: Sébastien Kopp and Ghislain Morillion

Founded in 2004, VEJA is a French brand with production in Brazil that holds onto the respect for labour and the environment as its core values. After 10 years of polish and refinement, VEJA has successfully combined the aesthetics of fashion with the concept of sustainability.

The upper of VEJA shoes are made from organic cotton canvas and eco-tanned leather in order to minimise the negative impact on the environment. For the soles, VEJA uses all natural wild rubber that is both comfortable and protective. This rubber is sourced directly from the Amazonian forest, and creates invaluable working opportunities for people in the region.

Organic cotton – Veja buys organic cotton from 320 families whose livelihood
comes from farming. Respecting the fair trade rules, Veja works directly with small scale farmers which allows the brand to establish a seamless, human-
based business model that avoids middlemen and makes sure that reasonable profits go directly to the producers themselves.

Rubber from the Amazon – The Amazon is the only place on earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. Veja work with an association of Seringeiros – the rubber tappers. A fairer price paid for rubber guarantees a better income for the rubber tappers and enables an incentive to keep trees up. Today, 60 families of Seringeiros are part of our project.

Eco-tanned leather – Veja uses eco-tanned leather created with vegetable extracts such as Acacia. Unlike modern tanning procedures (based on chromium and other heavy metals) leather that is ecologically tanned decreases pollution in water surrounding the tannery plant. 

Crafted with dignity – Veja sneakers are made in factories located in Southern Brazil. Worker’s rights are respected and overtime hours are paid. The factories have become true partners over the past years. 

Atelier Sans Frontières – The Atelier Sans Frontières association (ASF) facilitates people facing social exclusion to find work. The association helps them to build a new life and promotes their social, professional and personal development. Since Veja’s creation, ASF has handled all the logistics and storage for the trainers sent from Brazil. A strong relationship has been built with the NGO.

VEJA’s conservationist image is recognised around the world, and supported by international celebrities including Emma Watson, Mélanie Laurent, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, and Marion Cotillard.

2016 Fall Collection

VEJA footwear is based on a minimalist colour scheme of white, grey, andblack.


To celebrate VEJA’s 10th anniversary, the brand has released the V-10 shoe series created with environmentally friendly materials. Recycled cotton is used for the insoles, while VEJA’s signature V logo and the soles are made of 60% wild rubber from the Amazonian forest. The all white leather upper gives this model a high-end feel, which is complemented by the perforated toe box and subtle red and blue detailing.


Released in 2011, the ESPLAR is named after the Brazilian NGO which assists the organic farming families who work with VEJA. The insoles are made of recycled cotton, and the soles are all natural rubber. This low top silhouette is available in white or grey uppers for a stylish yet minimalist look.


The ESPLAR 3-LOCKS has recycled cotton insoles and all natural rubber soles. This model is based on the ESPLAR, with the addition of three velcro straps, and is available in white, silver, and black.


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