Flabslab x Clogtwo are bringing the Bronze Age into the future with the new MS-1

The MS-1 is the first entry in the MECHASOUL series produced by Flabslab, art directed by Clogtwo and 3D sculpted by Minishi Studios.

The series takes graffiti artist, Clogtwo’s MECHASOUL illustrations in which he takes popular, often his childhood favourite, characters and reimagines them as highly detailed futuristic cyborg statues.

Clogtwo has been creating groundbreaking artwork since 2004 through the mediums of wall, canvas and 3D figures. His main point of focus is to highlight fine line that exists between technology and mankind.  He described what inspired the concept of MECHASOUL in an interview with MTN.

“The cyborg or MECHASOUL concept derives from the idea that human creativity and craft has depleted, making us similar and robotic. The MECHASOUL series reflects the human society of today, in which the soul has no purpose in creating.”

This is a powerful idea which can be applied to our own lives in a world where we are constantly surrounded by technology making us behave in a more robotic and antisocial manner.  

The MS-1 is inspired by a stormtrooper from Star Wars and is forged from cold cast bronze which perfectly embodies the dystopian, cyberpunk aesthetic of Clogtwo’s artwork. The statue stands 9” tall and weighs in at 1.615kg making it the perfect size for displaying on a shelf or in a display cabinet.

It is Limited to 50 pieces in this finish making it highly collectible and a must-have for lovers of conceptual art and pop culture.

Grab one here at WOAW before they are gone!