This Summer, Over The Influence Gallery presents, Fast Taste, a solo show by emerging artist- Catherine Grossrieder- aka: CATH LOVE.

Fast Taste showcases a series of canvas works created by Grossrieder, in which she explores the subject of fast food, it’s urban mythology, and its cultural presence in modern society. Grossrieder described to WOAW how having had noticed the immense number of fast food (particularly fried chicken) establishments were present in the Hackney borough during her time spent living in London. Her collection combines the bright rich colours typically used to decorate franchised fast food eateries, with her inclination to create characters from her street art background- to discuss and profoundly evoke the often time frightening stories of how fast food is mass produced and distributed.

“...I decided to use that as a focal point [...] With things like KFC, that culture is always marred in stigma, urban myths with GMO modifications- chicken having two heads and three eyes, you know […] I was just making fun of that, using that as a source of inspiration…”

Grossrieder explained that as part of how she created the characters featured in her pieces, was her intention to engage its audience- to have one be awed with the spectacle and grotesque curiosity of what they are viewing; noting also the trend with which chain fast food establishments tend to use (often animal) mascots as a part of their franchising. When appreciating her work, one will be introduced to a cast made up of mutant chickens, "pink slime" paste monsters of processed meat, and anthropomorphic food beings among others.

Grossrieder expressed that when creating the characters featured, she asked herself: “...How can I make my characters more fucked up? How can I make it really weird? How can I make the viewer come in and be like: ‘What?’?”.

 Catherine Grossrieder (aka: CATH LOVE) is currently one of Hong Kong’s most active contributor to the city’s emerging local street art and graffiti scene- having had completed murals across the SAR and abroad, being previously showcased at Pearl Lam Galleries, and having competed in SECRET WALLS HONG KONG. Having always been interested in art, and creative visual pursuits- Grossrieder first became involved with street art as a young teenager. During Switzerland’s vibrant 90’s street art era, Grossrieder was introduced to the nuances of the culture of the greater graffiti community and its ties to hip hop, and rap music- while on regular family visits to the nation in the summer.

She has created a unique artistic style, often placing characters in her works; which she claims to owe to her mixed ethno-cultural heritage; from having appreciated comics from Europe such as: Astérix, Les aventures de Tintin, East Asian manga such as Dragon Ball, and the American Archie series. Notably, Jeliboo, has become her most iconic persona- first conceived three years ago, gaining a certain degree of renown after having been shared on CATH LOVE’s Instagram account (@cathloverosatwo); a character famous for her curvy shape and pouty lips.

WOAW encourages everyone to visit FASTE TASTE which will run till August 31st, 2017 at OVER THE INFLUENCE (159-163 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan) as the gallery is open to the public from 11:00 am till 7:00 pm.