Exclusive Koichi Sato Exhibition Pop-up - "Ecstasy Journey” at WOAW's New Space

WOAW store will be making its grand return with a brand new store on Sun Street. Revamping from a traditional retail design into a gallery-like space, the interior will integrate contemporary art and subtle lighting, contrasted with heavy concrete furniture and Vitsoe shelving system. The shop will also feature an Elephant Grounds Creamery — known for its signature coffee and ice cream sandwiches — tucked inside the store.

The new store will offer a collection of carefully curated art products, ranging from the latest collectibles such as our continued supply of MEDICOM TOY BEARBRICKS, as well as footwear, accessories, homeware, to beauty and tech gadgets like DJI drones to Sonos speakers.
Joining forces with Ross+Kramer and Bill Brady Gallery, WOAW will mark the launch of its new store with an opening exhibition titled “Ecstasy Journey”, which showcases Koichi Sato’s latest paintings that feature the artist’s colourful cast of bulky figures that take place in an undefined “elsewhere”: a place which breaks away from the oppressive nature of the daily life in New York, where the artist is based in real life.

Born in Tokyo and currently based in New York City, Koichi Sato is a self-taught artist who focuses his work on energetic and figurative paintings. Drawing inspiration from old American magazines and relentless montage of images in television and sports, Sato’s paintings are playful interpretations of images that feature “bold stylisation, pattern, and colour.” Subjects include comically stylised faces and exaggerated bodies that are not meant to ridicule but to spread positivity and inclusivity of people who could be overlooked. Despite reiterations of whimsical figures, Sato’s work is mainly inspired by his own imagination.

“Ecstasy Journey” opens on March 26 and ends on April 8. Make sure to check out the art exhibition and the new space, as the WOAW store welcomes you with open arms as it embarks on a new chapter in a revamped space. Offering the most exclusive collaborations from all around the world, WO A W is thrilled to give you the most unique shopping experience from the latest trends.