Exclusive Interview with Phillip Leeds



Q: Hi Phillip! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re doing in HK?

PL: What’s up WOAW store! My name is Phillip Leeds and I’m here promoting my book Big Shots, doing a book signing at WOAW store. Hong Kong what’s up!

Q: What is @bigshotsbook?

PL: Big Shot is a collection of polaroid portraits spending about 14 years of friends and acquaintances that I’ve been shooting on a polaroid ‘Big Shot’.

Q: Why polaroids?

PL: I really like polaroid because of the instant gratification. In particular, the ‘Big Shot’ camera because it’s fixed focused and all your pictures sort of have the same type of look to them.

Q: Who are 3 of your fav people that you have shot?

PL: This is one of my favorite photos from the book. It’s Scoop DeVille at my house smoking weed out of an apple, and uh, this is the before and after, after before, before after.

This is another one of my favorites, it’s a picture of Snoop. It’s an early photo from the Billionaire Boys Club’s showroom. Snoop came through, smoked a bunch of swishers and helped himself to some Billionaire Boys Club’s clothing.

The third in the smoking tri-factor was Khalifa, was at a G Pen photoshoot with Jonathan Mannion who was kind enough to let me to come down and take pictures at the same time.

Q: How did you and Pharrell meet?

PL: I meet Pharrell in 94. Became his tour manager in 2001. Worked at Billionaire Boys Club from 2005. We’ve basically consider each other family and he’s very supportive of everything I do.

Q: How do you decide who you want to shoot?

PL: Victims of circumstance.

Q: So tell us how many people you slept with in the Big Shots book... truthfully.

PL: More than 1, less than…

Q: Less than?

PL: Less than a hundred…

Q: Less than a hundred.. LOLLLL

Q: What’s the next stop?

PL: Big Shots book Asia tour is going to Singapore on the 24th, Bangkok on the 25th and Tokyo on the 31st of March, come see me.


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