Exclusive Interview with MYKU

Could you tell us a little about the story of MYKU
MYKU is a watch brand. Basically, it is inspired by the Japanese word HAIKU which is a Japanese poem.
What inspire you & your team during the creative process? 
We are pretty much inspired by natural materials/stones because we believe stones have their own characteristics like human beings. It comes in all different textures, colours, and characters.  
Did you face any difficulties in the manufacturing process?
Yup. The difficulty was to cut the stones. Cutting the stones is very hard. And we have to go to Germany to cut the stones and get the perfect thickness and all the stones are the same.  
What can we expect to see from MYKU in 2017? 
Expect more colours, higher quality materials, and better movements.  
Could you describe MYKU in three words? 
Substance of time.
4 words. Yours and yours only.
What do you wear today? 
I am wearing the white marble stainless steel watch. It is my classic everyday watch.


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