Exclusive Interview with Kayla: the Founder of Basics for Basics

Q: Hey Kayla! 

K: Hi! I’m Kayla! I’m the founder of Basics for Basics.

Q: Tell us about Basics for Basics.

K: So I started Basics for Basics about one and a half years ago. I’ve always wanted to combine fashion and social consciousness into one idea. I did some research when I came across the idea of fair trade.

Q: What inspired you?

K: I’ve gotten a lot of inspirations from a lot of brands overseas like in the states and in the uk so I decided that that concept need to be brought to Hong Kong which is having a clothing brand that is manufactured with organic cotton and fair trade.

Q: How about Veja??

K: So I like Veja because I think that our ethos are very similar and I love the whole process of how they make their shoes.

Q: Why should we support Eco-Friendly Brands? 

K: I think we should all try and choose eco-friendly and fair trade brands because they are more durable, the quality is usually higher and the people are always treated the right way.

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