Exclusive Interview with Chris: the Co-founder of Prepd

Q: Hey Chris, could you tell us a little about the meaning behind Prepd?

A: I’m Chris Place. Co-founder of Prepd. We started Prepd to make healthy living easier through good design.

Q: What is Prepd Pack?

A: Our first product is the Prepd Pack. It’s a new unique lunch box with modular containers and an app that makes it really easy to do meal prep. We got loads of ideas in there from nutritionists and chefs.

Q: Who is your target customers?

A: Prepd Pack is designed for people living a really busy lifestyle who just want to take control of the food they eat. Make it themselves, know what goes into it but do it quickly and in a way that they are really proud of their lunch they take to work. Really elevate that experience. 

Q: What is the hardest part in making the brand?

A: The Prepd Pack is made from a beautifully finished, hand-crafted piece of bamboo. Working with natural materials is really tough but we took a lot of care over it and it came out really nicely.

Q: What is your favourite recipes from the Prepd App?

A: One of my favourite recipes in the app is the instant miso soup. It’s really quick and easy to prepare and you can make it ready for a few days at a time. If you just pour boiling hot water on top of it, it becomes a really nutritious, tasty meal to have at lunch. 

Q: Any unique features of the Prepd App? 

A: One really unique feature of the app is the shopping list which allows you to add the recipes that you want and you can go through it in actual shopping, tick off the ingredients so you know exactly what to buy.

Q: What is Prepd's mission?

A: Prepd's mission to make taking lunch easier and more enjoyable every day.

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