Exclusive Interview with BC Joaillerie


Q1: Can you tell us a little about the story of BC Joaillerie? 

A: I've been designing jewellery for many years. I felt something was missing in the market. I wanted to show people what jewellery can be! 

Q2: We love your Piggy Bank collection! Where do you seek inspiration?

A:  The inspiration came from my childhood memory. Because I really wanted to buy a dog, I used my piggy bank to save money.  

Q3: How about the LO-VE Ring collection? What inspired you? 

A: People love to make the heart shape when they take pictures. I wanted to capture and integrate it into my LO-VE Ring design. 

Q3: Did you face any difficulties in the manufacturing process?

A: The most difficult part is the enamel, because it is all painted by hand.  

Q4: What is Enamel?

A: Enamel is a type of paint that gives off a hard and glossy finish after going through a heating process.

Q5: Are there any new collections that we expect from BC Joaillerie in 2017?

A: I'm thinking about taking a normal everyday thing and turning it into a beautiful piece that can WOW others. 

Q6: Can you describe your style in three words?

A: Fun, fun, and fun !