Emergence of the Dad Cap

Emergence of the Dad Cap

Dad caps have taken over as the most current hat style of streetwear, a status that previously belonged to Fitted and Snapback hats. Dad caps are essentially baseball caps, traditionally embroidered with team or company logos. It earned its name because the style used to be regarded as out of style, and most commonly found on the heads of, you guessed it: dads. Now they can be found on the heads of influencers everywhere, from rappers to the president himself.




Among those at the forefront of this trend is PLACES+FACES, a brand which began as a Tumblr project to capture raw and candid images of famous influencers in the scene. The founders then began making merchandise in order to brand and promote themselves as they traveled around the world. People started to notice their products and demand quickly grew, leading to the launch of their fashion line. From its inception, their dad caps have always been the hottest product and is routinely sold out upon release. Limited quantities can now be found at WOAW store.

Dad caps also earned its name by being the style of choice for companies looking to put their brand and identity on a premium gift hat. People had dad caps which they did not pick out, but were given to them with designs that they might not have chosen. Streetwear brand Canal St. embraces this dad cap origin story with their range of dad caps embroidered with internationally recognizable logos, but there’s a twist: all of these logos are upside down. So close yet so far … Now available at WOAW store in a range of familiar yet unfamiliar designs.



27 CLUB (廿七会) is a brand that pays homage to a phenomenon of the same name, where an unusually significant number of influential musicians have passed away at the age of 27, with the latest member of this club being the late Amy Winehouse.

Respect music,

Admire love,

Create luck,

Deep cleanse,

Jump start,

Learn defence,

Raise above.

That is their motto, and 27 CLUB (廿七会) has released two dad caps that expresses our love or lack thereof, both of which are now featured at WOAW store.

Stay tuned as we have plenty more dad caps on the way from streetwear players OKOKOK and headwear juggernaut NEW ERA, as well as some new surprises from the up and coming RIPNDIP.