Louis De Guzman creates ELEVATE figure in pastel pink

"Ay, caramba!"

Chicago-based Filipino American Louis De Guzman returns again in 2019 with another art collectable. Guzman is known to visualize his art work through geometric, abstract expressionism and pop culture iconography.. His latest piece - ELEVATE features famous cartoon pop character Bart Simpson for a second run.

ELEVATE features a dusty pink colorway and is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. The sculpture is made from vinyl and reimagines Bart in the abstract, geometric fashion that is Guzman’s signature. Standing at eight inches tall, ELEVATE showcases of his artistic skills which developed from his childhood growing up in America, a story which he explores through images and stories that evoke his family’s struggles.

Louis De Guzman says, “The idea, concept of sculpture and abstract dimensional form has always been on the agenda. To evolve my personal body of work from two-dimensional intricate line work and pattern sequenced shapes into something more tangible that my audience can examine and study. I want the viewer to be able to view it from all angles and see every little detail. I’m trying to bring something unfamiliar to a familiar space and ultimately evoke emotion and personal attachment.”

ELEVATE is available here and in-store.