Dragonland breathes fresh air into Hong Kong’s music scene

For those who mourn Hong Kong’s lack of music festivals – aside from the more recent staple Clockenflap – last weekend’s Dragonland was a welcome breath of fresh air. To be exact, a welcome breath of cold air, as temperatures dropped to an all season low on Saturday night. Luckily, crowds were not deterred, layered up and came out in the name of live music.

The three-day outdoor festival which took place at Central Harbourfront was the winning trifecta of Canto-pop, EDM and pop. An unlikely combo but it worked to draw a mix of fans over the course of the weekend.  

Friday night debuted with a full, two-hour performance by long time canto-pop star Leon Lai-ming, dubbed one of the “four heavenly kings” of Hong Kong who dominated headlines and hearts in the 1990s. For many in the audience, this was nostalgia and childhood memories at its finest. 

On the second night, vibes did a full 180 with electronic dance music - the set featured DJ Steve Aoki, Zedd, Tom Swoon, Seiho and more. In his now iconic fashion, DJ Aoki threw cake onto thrilled fans!

The festival wrapped up with a night of pop, beginning with Carly Rae Jepsen of Call Me Maybe fame who performed her newer singles as well. The final acts were Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, who, love it or hate it, has produced several of the catchiest songs in recent years. The night concluded with crowd pleaser The Black Eyed Peas, who performed club-favorites.

Not too shabby for a brand new festival. Next up? Get ready for more electronica with ALTN8 Festival kicking off on Saturday, March 11!