Daily Paper presents its Spring/Summer 2018 collection - "Transcend Borders"

Celebrating eight years of success, Amsterdam-based collective Daily Paper presents its Spring/Summer 2018 collection, “Transcend Borders.” Although the company headquarters are in The Netherlands, the three founding members — Jefferson Osei, Hussein Suleiman, and Abderrahmane Trabsini — are all of African descent, with bloodlines rooted in Ghana, Somalia, and Morocco.

This common heritage alone provides the foundation of what the brand represents. In general, unity and individuality are often viewed as antithetical to one another, but Daily Paper strives to incorporate both concepts into its brand by appreciating not only the characteristics that make us all unique, but also the common cultures and love for fashion that bind us all together.

In its clothing, Daily Paper is known to use a wide variety of fabrics and eccentric patterns on garments all while delivering a refined, tailored aesthetic. But aside from its ready-to-wear clothing, the brand has also gained prominence for its assortment of headwear and accessories.

For this season’s collection, Daily Paper jumps on trend with several styles of waist bags, including a very traditional Waist Pack and a utilitarian Multi-Pocket Waist Pack, as well as a more modern adaptation with the V-shaped Waist Bag in black and ocher.

Continuing with the inspiration of global journey and migration, the brand also launches the new Passport Bag, a shoulder bag intended to store smaller accessories when traveling, available in both black and dark green. But for when you need to carry a bit more on your trip, Daily Paper offers the black Totebag and a two-way hybrid Backpack/Totebag. All items feature subtle branding details like embroidery of the classic Daily Paper shield logo.

These select pieces from Daily Paper’s SS18 line “Transcend Borders” are available now at WOAW.