CULT FROM SPACE - Prodip Leung's Solo Exhibition at Gallery by the Harbour

Hong Kong has always been a bit more conservative and restrictive than other cities when it comes to contemporary art, but that is constantly, although gradually, changing. One of the leading Hong Kong-based artists flying against the status quo is Prodip Leung, a multi-talented painter, illustrator, graphic designer, and musician.

Prodip is the bassist for Hong Kong’s Cantonese hip-hop collective, LMF (Lazy Mutha Fucka), who just recently performed their “Still Lazy Live” concert on May 04 at Star Hall-KITEC. He began his artistic breakthrough designing the album covers and digital graphics for LMF and other underground musicians, as well as the artwork for concert posters and flyers.

As a man who is extremely interested in extraterrestrial life, aliens, and outer space, Prodip has become an avid reader of science-fiction books, comics, and cartoons. This has led him to have plethora of mingled ideas and stories crammed in his head, which he combines with his wild, vivid imagination to translate into his paintings and sculptures.

For his “Cult From Space” exhibition at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui, Prodip leans on legends of ancient civilisations and extraterrestrial myths to create a collection of over 12 original acrylic-on-canvas paintings, most of which are on triangular canvas that echoes cuneiform script, a wedge-shaped system of writing. Also on display are painted skateboard decks, toy sculptures of alien humanoids, as well as his “Plants of Gods Terranium” made in collaboration with How2work in 2014 that loosely resembles da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man or the Hindu god Shiva.

Visit the “Cult From Space” exhibition at Harbour City, open now through May 27, and join Prodip on his journey through time and space as he shares his personal stories and creative process with his artwork.

The Plant of God as shown above and other vinyl figures of Prodip's design will be available at WOAW soon. Contact us at for more information.