Conversation with the founder of Sabe Masson

Tell us about yourself and Sabe Masson? 

My name is Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud , I am a French Woman and the creator and founder of Sabe Masson. We distribute the brand all over the world, including Europe, Asia and Hong Kong.  

How are soft perfumes different from traditional liquid perfumes?

They are the next generation of perfumes.The name is Sabé Masson La Maison du Soft Perfume, soft perfume is a skincare perfume. It’s perfect for your purse, suitcase and in flight. 

How do you choose your ingredients?

I choose the ingredients with my team in Paris. We are a small team, just two girls in a boutique in Paris and we work very closely with a laboratory. Our cosmetics composition is totally natural. The perfumes have two components: the cosmetic base and the fragrance. For the cosmetic base, we choose specific ingredients for their moisturizing, nourishing and anti-oxidant qualities. For the fragrances, we work with fragrant artistes, they compose the fragrances with their talent and imagination. I usually give them the name and the design of the perfume, they have full creative freedom over the scents.

What is your favorite scents of Sabé Masson and? Why?

Of course, I love all of them. I choose what perfume to wear depends on my mood. I love De Guerre Lasse. I wear it around my neck as a necklace. I also love Belle Furieuse. It’s refreshing. I’ll also mix different scents. Eu Vent de Vous and Zazou is one of my favorite combo. I love mixing perfumes, it shows your personality. In Paris, I’ll even mix solid perfumes with the liquid.

What is your next product?

We are launching a new series in September in France. It’s called Jardin de le Comtesse de Ségur. Le Comtesse de Ségur is a well-known children’s book writer from France. When my children were young, I read them stories of Le Comtesse de Ségur. They are classics. I decide to turn this idea into 3 new soft perfumes. The range is called L’édition Olfactive Jardin de le Comtesse de Ségur. The patterns on the packaging are designed by a French pattern maker/ illustrator who is currently living in London. Also, we are launching our soft perfume liquids, Georges et Moi, Zazou, Eu Vent de Vous, Ne des Roses and Parisian Rhapsody. It has a high fragrance concentration but no alcohol, pigment nor surfactant agent. It’s a new way of producing perfumes. Next year, we will launch a series of luxury soft perfumes with an added new secret cosmetic ingredient. 

Any suggestions to our readers?

Perhaps a message for your readers, concept stores are very important in the world because they represent new ways, new gestures, new artists. I really love concept stores because they are very respectful. I’m very proud to have our products curated by one of the best concept stores in Hong Kong. The team knows the product very well. It’s the most important thing to love what we do, to love what we sell.