Connecting Spaces - Table lamps by Menu

Danish brand, Menu, seeks to discover modern living through Scandinavian designs that connect individuals creatively, comfortably and functionally. Rich in their clean, clever and natural aesthetics infusing a aroma of calm through high-quality materials in minimalist silhouettes. Connecting home and work spaces to design.

Carrie, JDWA and Phare Lamp by Menu Space (left to right)

The Carrie (left) honours the Danish obsession with candles - Hygge. The holder made of powered coated steel makes it's best impression as a classic lantern. The Carrie's design allows of indoor and outdoor versatility.

The JWDA (middle) inspired by old accident archaic oil lamps champions a oval lamp shade and marble base. The JWDA's organic shape beautifully blends contrasting elements of materials. 

The Phare (right) features a sphere aluminium holder leaning back as if it looking up; greeting it's companion daily. The Phare's simplistic lines contrast with the sphere lamp.  

All lamps feature a USB port for charging and supplies 10 hours of battery time, providing versatility around any space. The lamps are available in store and online now!