ChristMUST GIFT Guide - Accessories Edition

The ChristMUST GIFT Guide

Still hard to believe that it’s already mid November, which means that the merriest of holidays is almost upon us. “Toys” is our theme for this holiday season, and the WOAW storefront will be transformed into a toy factory, along with carnival rainbow toss games running inside. Be sure to come join us for Christmas celebrations in store and with the rest of Gough Street!

As usual, we have curated a series of different products to inspire your Christmas shopping. All of these are available at the WOAW store in time for the holiday season.

This season, WOAW has collaborated with Nocturnal Paper’s team to create a hand-drawn Christmas card. The card design features cartoon elves prepping for Christmas in WOAW’s toy factory.

A perfect complement to the fun gifting products available at WOAW. Available while stocks last.

The Giving Keys is a Los Angeles based charity brand founded by American artist Caitlin Crosby. This venture produces decorative keys engraved with inspirational messages. The philanthropic angle of the brand provides employment opportunities for the homeless.

Pick one up from the WOAW store, help out someone in need and spread the message of giving.

Nikolai Rose bracelets are designed and produced by New York-based jeweler Jacob Melinger. The brand is inspired by the concepts of minimalism, romance, and reality – visible in the collection’s unique aesthetic.

These bracelets are available in sterling silver or 14K gold. The signature silk rope design paired with precious metals is an easy add-on to any outfit.

Ultra is a French watch brand that embraces the old and new. While the core design of the watches can be traced back to the 19th century, the brand revitalized the design in 2015.

Ultra is known for their balance of minimalist design and vintage flavor. Each watch goes through a meticulous inspection process to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. Sticking with their minimalist design philosophy, the watches are available in several primary colours.

EYEVAN has been a respected crafter of glasses since 1972. Everything from design to production is completed in Japan. In 1985, the brand launched at the American Optic Fair West. After a long hiatus, EYEVAN was relaunched in 2013 as EYEVAN 7285, paying homage to the two most important years in the brand’s history.

EYEVAN takes pride in the fact that their products are made exclusively in Japan. High-grade titanium is used to ensure the best quality and finish. For Christmas, WOAW store has brought in an exclusive selection of these artisan glasses.

He Said She Said has released a series of placards with fun and quirky messages such as “Do Epic Shit” and “No Bullshit Allowed”.


These unique placards are sure to bring smiles and serve as a motivational reminder, making them a perfect item for the home or the office. Also available with more traditional messages such as “Best Dad Ever” and “Best Mom Ever”.

These are just a select few of the many new products we have brought in for this season, so come visit us in store for more inspiration. You also don’t want to miss our upcoming Christmas celebrations in store, and together with the rest of Gough Street, so stay tuned for more details on our upcoming events and promotions!