Bringing the tastes of Austria’s forest to Hong Kong: Fernet Hunter

Fernet, a caramel-hued, lesser-known spirit, is quickly winning over the palates of bar-goers across the globe. Known in some regions as an all-occasions liquor and sometimes even a hangover cure, Fernet is actually an Italian bitter made with various herbs and spices. An acquired taste as the eccentric aftertaste comes with a bit of a kick.

Here in HK, Fernet Hunter, is offering a fresh and uniquely curated take on the classic Italian bitter. The result is a minimalist bottle of handcrafted blonde Fernet with bittersweet notes, a hint of lime zest and a violet-like aroma.

Produced in the Austrian town and forest of Brunnwald (roughly translates to “Spring Forest”), Fernet Hunter uses a 100-year-old recipe that captures the true essence its surroundings. From the aromatic botanicals handpicked and dried locally during the hunting season, such as Arnica, Orris Root and Lavender, to the forest spring water that creates a soft and smooth texture in the mouth, each sip of the blonde bitter elegantly explores the definition of true craftsmanship.

Born out of collaboration between father and son (Holzer/Holzer), whose family has been in alcohol production for generations, Fernet Hunter combines centuries of distilling experience with a contemporary touch. The son, Raphael Holzer, the mastermind behind the acclaimed drinks programs at Yardbird and Rōnin in Hong Kong, says it is best served neat, on the rocks or in highballs like the delicious Fritzi (Fernet Hunter, Wilkinson Tonic, Grapefruit, Pepper).