Brewing for the Greater Good

Most of us have a coffee habit - ranging from mild to borderline addiction. Coffee culture has gone mainstream with coffee shops opening up left and right. Some are known for the atmosphere, others for the wide variety of beans and brews. TOMS Roasting Co, a new venture from the company behind the popular canvas slip-ons, has entered the coffee business with the “One for One” giving model intact.

The shoe giving model donates one pair to a child in need for every pair sold. TOMS Roasting Co. is addressing accessibility to clean water in developing regions. For every bag of coffee beans sold, TOMS Roasting Co. will donate 140 litres of clean water to a family one of their coffee production regions. This includes Guatemala, Honduras, Malawi, Peru, and Rwanda – with additions to come as the business expands.

TOMS Roasting Co. is aiming to open a worldwide chain of coffee bars as well as an online coffee club subscription. This ambitious expansion is part of the company’s ultimate plan to bring the One for One model to a variety of industries – giving back through different means.

The first TOMS Roasting Co. shop in Asia has just been unveiled at the Starfield Hanam shopping mall in Korea. The artisan coffee shop has an open space plan with plenty of seating for customers to enjoy their brews. There is also an area in-store featuring TOMS lifestyle products such as shoes and eyewear. Fingers crossed that a TOMS Roasting Co. will open up soon in Hong Kong!