Breathing the Freshness among the Skyscrapers

“When breathing is a necessity, air is a choice. Airinum has become somewhat a symbol of quality air and it is the right choice you make. Based in Sweden, newly founded anti-pollution breathing mask, Airinum gives people suffering from asthma and bronchial diseases caused by air pollution every day in the world a clean and qualified air.

Co-founded by Alexander, Fredrik, Johannes and Mehdi, Airinum mask is a world-class professional protection with a high quality and innovative technology. With the 3 layers of filtration technology, the mask effectively blocks and isolates air pollution, bacteria, pollen and a variety of harmful particles.

Different from the general paper masks or fabric masks, this “breathing mask” is not only for preventing flu, but you can still breathe easily with the two breathing holes  and replaceable inner layer. Adjustable headband and two replaceable filters which can be used for about 100 hours each as if a home version of gas mask allowing us to breathe clean air and protecting our health. Masks are available in the modern prints and flattering colourways.

Airinum strives to empower individuals to breathe clean air through this innovative product and raise awareness about air quality in the world. They believe that air is our life and our happiness if it is pure, and it becomes essential for our everyday. Starting from the beginning, Airinum is here to improve our health and hence the world.

This first-ever breathing mask dropped in Hong Kong at WOAW recently. We invited our lead on fashion and music in Hong Kong, Mayao, KB and Billy Chan to show kus how to wear the Airinum mask with our daily outfit in different styles.


Mayao is a famous stylist, writer, as well as the founder and creative director of Fame Glory, a production house in Hong Kong. He understands that even if there is a small chance, he will try due to his own belief – there is nothing to lose.


Kevin Boy (KB) is the host of ViuTV program, YouTuber and former drummer in various bands such as LMF and HardPack. With his playful attitude, ignoring the secular judgement and enjoying the joy is key idea of KB with the old words – live in the moment!

Billy Chan

Billy Chan, aka Lama Boy, is the founder of Pixxel Freak. With his unique fashion scene and style to match changes in the fashion industry, Lama Boy is also success in different social platforms attracting a large number of supporters and followers.