Back in the 60s: Recap of THE CLASSY ROOM Pop-up Launching Night

Walking up the spiral staircase, you find yourself in another era, with modern 21st century Hong Kong having been left behind. Red plastic light hanging on the ceiling, old-fashioned tv and the iconic “double happiness” design teapot decorating the shelves, the entire level has been transcended back into the 60s. Welcome to the “Classy Room”.

The pop-up was a collaboration between Woawstore and Black Cat Club. As much as aesthetic has evolved over time and been influenced by globalisation, the “classy room” is bringing the 60s back in style. Apart from a tattoo artist drawing an iconic American rose in China vase ink and a barber ready to serve the perfect Shanghainese hair style, guests were found surrounding a man working at a foldable table. 

He is the famous Japanese calligrapher, Soyamax. The self-taught artist learnt calligraphy during the time he was fighting cancer in the hospital. After his recovery, Soyamax has been traveling around the world to promote the art with a calligraphy brush made from his own hair. A guest writes her name, passing it to Soyamax. After a glimpse, he swiftly moved his hands and worked his magic, transforming the guests’ name into a piece of fine art.

It was mesmerising to witness the tattooing, barbering and calligraphy all in action. The place is buzzing. However, there’s still another journey for guests to embark on. Smell. 

One could argue that scent is an often neglected form of contemporary art, but 100 Bon is devoted to exploring this form of art. Coming from Lyon in France, the perfume brand introduced guests to an array of unique scents. Be it the delicious smell of a roasted marshmallow or a fragrance reminding one of a yuzu garden, the scents filled the air, the final touch needed for the “Classy Room” to come to life.

Check Out the photos from the opening night below: