Ahead of Its Time: Lip Watches Combines French Heritage With Visions of the Future

Looking at the Mach 2000 Chrono Dark Master unisex wristwatch, you wouldn’t know that Lip – the French watch label that the design belongs to – was first founded in 1867 in Besancon, at one time the clock-making capital of the world.

The watch’s geometric, Bauhaus-inflected design is a study in contrasts: its sleek, black brushed stainless steel case offset by bright pops of primary colors on the three dials results in a cool yet quixotic design that has stayed the course since it was first introduced in 1973, eventually becoming Lip’s most recognizable design.

The Mach 2000 and Lip have French industrial designer Roger Tallon to thank for the iconic design – Tallon was also responsible for designing the French TGV high-speed train, which made him the obvious choice to conceive of the avant-garde aesthetic of the timepiece. It also comes in a brushed stainless steel case. 

Another forward-looking model in Lip’s repertoire is the TV Classic, an audacious design that imitates the quaint character of a mid-century television set with its rounded square face and wide leather strap.

First debuted in 1975, the TV Classic was updated in 2016 with a fresher, more contemporary look thanks to a brushed stainless steel case and bright orange perforated leather strap.

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