Devialet Phantom: A crazy sound robot in a GOOD way

Looking for the best audio system in a compact size, we've got the right solution for you.
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French tech start-up Devialet might have only been around for no less than 10 years, but they are already regarded as one of the international leaders of high-end amplifiers thanks to their continuous, drastic and revolutionary inventions in the audio engineering. The breakthrough amplification technology, ADH or Analog/Digital Hybrid, uses both analog and digital amplifiers. While operating in parallel, this creates an unreached before sound quality. 
The Devialet Phantom is truly an incredible sound robot. It works as a sound center which receives via Wi-Fi  music from your everyday devices - smartphone, tablet, computer and etc. It is also the best sound system in the world because it integrates revolutionary technologies to process and emit sound. The Phantom is able to emit an ultra-dense sound with physical impact, resulting in an uniquely powerful, incredible and distinct sound with no distortion. 
My thoughts: 
As an entry-level audiophile who likes gadgets, I can tell you that the clarity at volume is really nice. Where this machine truly shines is when you turn it up in a large space, this could fill a room or a nightclub with ease. If you're a fan of bass, you will love this. The bass is truly something you can feel with your body. If you don't like mono speakers and prefer stereo separation, you could always pair the speakers up.
Summing things up, the Phantom is essentially a complete, top quality, home audio system  in a compact single unit that justifies its price. Coming in 2 versions, there is the Phantom that comes in 750 Watts - 99dB and the Phantom Silver in 3000 Watts - 105dB. 
Phantom  750 Watts - 99dB
Phantom Silver 3000 Watts - 105dB