2017 Hong Kong Sevens wraps up in the typical haze

This year’s 2017 Sevens wrapped up in a haze – literally, as humidity and clouds descended over Hong Kong last weekend. This did little to deter enthusiastic crowds from partaking in the madness. The event usually entails drinking an excessive amount, dressing up in outlandish costumes, and occasionally watching rugby.


Crowd favorite Fiji won the games for the third year in a row with a 22-0 final score against South Africa. Like most years, that was hardly the focal point of the event. As anyone who has lived in Hong Kong knows – the Sevens are all about the spectators having the best possible time.


Unlike other events where VIP areas or corporate boxes are the coveted place to be – the Hong Kong Sevens defies all logic when it comes to this. The core of the games is always centered on the high spirited crowds in the south stand of Hong Kong Stadium.

It’s important to be adequately prepared if you’re joining the ranks in the south stands. Not only does it require costume prep but loads of stamina - it’s an early wake-up call, with many setting alarms as early as 6:30am to secure a good spot. But hey, anything for that #squadgoal pic.


This year’s HK Seven’s may be over, but for the uninitiated, there’s always next year. Think Halloween meets sports fandom!