Stay focused: Enrich Your Life

New Years’ Resolutions are tough to stick to on a daily basis.
Us here at WOAW store have gotten a couple of new things in to help make sure you stay on track with living a more fulfilling life this year.
Coming straight from the Great Britain are the products from The School of Life, an organization focused on collaborating with artists to help develop products that enrich the lives of their users.
One of these products is the Toolkit for Life Vol. 1
This volume includes books that help us face the problems we come in contact with in today’s world:
- How to Find Fulfilling Work
- How to Change the World
- How to Thrive in the Digital Age
- How to Stay Sane
- How to Worry Less about Money 
- How to Think More about Sex 
Another issue we face here in HK, amongst the hustle and bustle, is making time….for anything.
We’ve chosen this 15 minute timer from The School of Life to help remind us to leave time for whatever we want. Whether it is our career, relationships or just time to unwind, the 15 min timer is a good reminder to just take a step back and think.
Who doesn’t have any? The key is to hold it gracefully and why not express it with this tote bag?
Not sure what to do? Why not learn from some of History’s greatest thinkers?
These easy to read books give a casual and laid back approach to understanding some of the world’s most discussed philosophers.
Learn to focus on within from Nietzsche.
Why do we need restriction? Learn from Hobbes.
Trying to stay focused and change for the better? We got you covered.
Enrich your life.