“Nostalgia At Its Best” Stussy Livin’ General Store Collection

Two years ago in Tokyo, Japan, Stussy launched the Stussy Livin’ General Store, a late 1980’s inspired collection of redesigned general products dedicated to enriching the living spaces of its users. Currently this collection has only been sold in select stores around the world and us here at WOAW are proud to say that we are now one of those stores.

Stussy Livin General Store Woaw Store

The products we’ve selected are aimed at those who, like us, have grown together with Stussy as a brand through our teenage years. We’ve chosen the most nostalgic pieces for you guys to bring home, practical keepsakes for you to use around the house whilst bringing you out of your tech filled life and drawing your attention to your physical surroundings.

What better way to enrich your life, by slowing things down and really enjoy the smell of your morning coffee? Drip coffee is a natural way to get the most out of your early roast, the water seeps through the ground coffee, absorbing the oils and essences. The Stussy coffee dripper set allows complete control over the flow of water, so you really get the perfect cup to start your day off.

Coffee Drip Stand - 110 USD

Coffee Dripper - 30 USD

Stussy Livin General Store Woaw Store Rhino Trunk

Designed by Rhino Trunks in Rochester, these custom made boxes are created from durable hardwood plywood and held together by heavy duty nickel pleated steel parts. The trunks come in 2 sizes and are perfect for our Vinyl collecting music lovers or those who looking for durable storage for their mementos.

Vinyl Trunk - 488 USD

Rhino Trunk 30 - 640 USD

Come by the WOAW store today to grab your own piece of nostalgia, items are only available while stocks last.