Halloween Fest 2016 at Ocean Park is back this year with more exciting and spoooooky Haunted attractions to make you poop your pants. The Hong Kong's most popular amusement park is commemorating the Ghostbuster theme so be brave and visit the park! Not only will you get to meet your favourite characters from the movie, you will also come face to face with characters from other horror movies, such as werewolf and chainsaw killer!

There are 7 Haunted Houses in total. Check them out by clicking the here

16+ is this year’s most talked-about haunted house. Like the name expresses, only victims of 16 or above AND those capable of withstanding extreme fear can enter. Be ready to be physical and we mean physical because this is the only haunted house where you will be in close contact with zombies, murderers, monsters, and mutants. Welcomed and asked to put on a mask throughout the entire vicious journey at this gruesome chamber party, you will witness some SM happening, like ass-whipping, yes. Meet hot zombie-ladies in seductive costumes - cosplay much? No more spoilers. Experience it yourself before October 31! 

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