12.12 Xmas Guide! WOAW Store introduces 12 Exclusive items that you don't want to miss.

WOAW Store gathers brands and creative units over the world to introduce various interesting gadgets and art related items. Compiling the inspirational Xmas gift list with 12 selected items, providing 3 days limited time offer from 12 December – 14 December.

Ryan Travis Christian “Ashpan For Spliffs, Etc” Ashtray

Specializing in evocative charcoal renderings, Christian is new to the realm of sculpture. This debut creation stands just over 5 inches tall, with a weighty ashtray-inspired base grounding a bird in its center, realized exactly like the corresponding artwork on the front of the box. Executed in a dark graphite shade, the sculpture evokes an impression similar to Christian’s typical output.

“Birds are funny, weird, goofy, beautiful, and I always thought it is amusing how people tend to project themselves onto them,” Christian explained in a statement. “If someone can find amusement or humor in my work, then I think I have done a good job.”

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Joya Studio – Arsham Studio Exoplanet

Brooklyn-based fragrance design studio JOYA and Arsham Studio teamed up on a special edition Exoplanet Candle. The functional art object was inspired by Daniel Arsham’s first hand experience at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where much of the focus is on the search for exoplanets. The hand-sculpted piece features a unique scent that has permeated my exhibitions all over the world.

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Medicom Toy – Cleverin x Be@brick x Star Wars Air Purifier Set of 6 

Cleverin, produced by Japan's Taiko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., is a product that effectively inhibits 99.9% of suspended harmful substances. In the early years cooperated with Medicom Toy and launched special products with the appearance of BE@RBRICK. This time comes to the 5th bullet, and it is convenient to find "Star Wars" to cooperate with the six characters in the movie including Darth Vader, Sandtrooper, Boba Fatt, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Kylo Ren have become furnishings.

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Medicom Toy – Future Mickey (2nd Color Version) 100% & 400% Bearbrick

The Future Mickey Be@rbrick colorways mirror the colors of Sorayama’s original Future Mickey sculptures featuring a classic silver and red design. Future Mickey Be@rbricks have a shiny, highly-reflective surface.

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Medicom Toy – Undercover x P.A.M Skull & Hand Lamp - Gold

Undercover x P.A.M Skull & Hand Lamp - Gold stands 16cm at its tallest, this unique collaborative piece, the skull lamp, features light up eyes and rests on a single hand. The skull can be removed from the hand and the brightness can be adjusted using the switch on the back. Coloured light eyes and dimmer switch, docks securely with a wall-mountable hand. The design allows the lamp to function in a portable and ornamental fashion, or as a fixture. Packaging is reminiscent of an antique store find.

Lamps could be interpreted as a ‘still life’ of death. But while most commonly associated with mortality and evil, the skull is also home to the brightest earthly light — that of the mind — and is the face we all share beneath these fleshy masks. The skull is illuminated, no longer inanimate, and brimming with light, intellect and magic. From some angles the skull exudes pure sorrow, from others an unblinking grin.

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Erik Foss – Everyday is Halloween By Erick Foss - Black

Foss incorporates famous cartoons to evoke a sense of nostalgia or melancholia while shedding light on the dark side of pop culture and consumerism. The artist teamed up with Unique Board to release limited edition sculptures called Everyday Is Halloween that are based on recent drawings and airbrushed paintings of neon snakes and smiley figures. ‘Everyday is Halloween’ gives form to a collision of iconography that has been with the artist since youth. Based on recent drawings and airbrushed paintings of neon snakes and smiley figures, the cartoon-like sculpture takes its name from a song by Ministry Erik used to DJ endlessly – as a means to work as an artist.

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Coarse – The Collector - Paranoia /  Narcosis

The Collector is a 14'' gravity-defying figure that tests the limits of vinyl art, and it comes in two unique editions. Paranoia finds the Void’s clouds bursting with a prism of colors and emotion as the sun begins to set on the life he once had. Narcosis depicts the Void on a calm day; as he finds a serenity within himself, the clouds fade into a blissful white, and his new life begins.

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David Shrigley – Serpent Scripture

Building on his Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-thing floatie, Shirgley prepared a new sculpture and original silkscreen prints for the project. The SERPENT is a 24cm-tall ceramic sculpture depicting an erect serpent brandishing a cartoonish smile to serve as a companion to counter loneliness. In many cultures, the snake is seen as representing wickedness or dishonesty. However, this snake represents truth and positivity. Everyone who has this serpent in their home will experience joy and will find that their attitude towards life becomes more positive. Each SERPENT sculpture will be serial-numbered.

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Medicom Toy – Bibliotheque Blanche x Medicom Be@rbrick Aroma Ornament #09 Galaxy

Medicom Toy‘s recognizable BE@RBRICK is crafted into a diffuser as part of Bibliotheque Blanc‘s Library Boutique Aroma Ornament. BE@RBRICK features a slightly different design than its predecessor, bearing a smooth tummy compared to two circles. Hand-made from ceramic, the diffuser comes packaged with a “Bibliothèque Blanche” essential oil, but can be used with any oils of your choice.

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Mr Clement -  All of My Heart Sculpture – White / Grey

Mr Clement continues an emotional journey with his signature Lapin figure. The new All of My Heart polystone sculpture embodies its name with the Lapin holding his bright red heart in his outstretched hand, fresh from the just-opened cavity in his chest. The visceral and visually striking piece is a thought-provoking take on the common, casually-used expression.

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Yeenjoy Studio - Porsche 930 Incense Burner


YEENJOY STUDIO is well known for using regular objects as inspiration for its Chinese ceramic incense chambers. This time, the ceramics craftsmen have tapped Los Angeles’ DPLS for an incense chamber taking the form of a Porsche 930, giving the maker’s top-of-the-range 911 model a special porcelain treatment.

The piece features an accurate likeness to the German sports car with its iconic shape and spoiler depicted in miniature. “Live Fast Full Throttle” is inscribed into the chamber’s base, while “Limited 1/100” is found on the car’s license plate. Treated with a washed-out blue finish that references traditional Chinese craftsmanship, the Porsche 930 features smoke holes in its front and back headlights and a cork opening at the rear.

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Yeenjoy Studio – China Town Market x Yeenjoy Ashtray

Official collaboration with Smiley and Yeenjoy Studio。Hand molded ashtray, but can be used for whatever you want. With classic fine China blue finishing detail and co-branded logos on sides, the ashtray includes official Yeenjoy Studio membership card and custom laser engraved wooden case. 

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